Why Choose Threading?

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal practiced by people of South Asia and Arabia. It is a delicate procedure and as the name suggests, involves hair removal with the means of highly skilled hands using special thread to pluck and pull hair out from the roots.

How Threading is Used?

Threading requires a lot of practice and precision in making the hair removal as painless as possible for the receiver. The person dispensing the beauty treatment for hair removing via threading is required to gently and precisely twist a certain length of cotton thread around both hands and twist and catch each hair strand that is to be removed. This twisting action of the thread traps the hair and lifts it out of the follicle.

Benefits of Threading

  • One of the greatest benefits of threading is that is less messier and faster as compared to waxing and tweezing for hair removal, especially hair on the upper lip and eyebrows and also a lot more effective and less painful.

  • Threading is a relatively cheaper method of hair removal as compared to any other method and if a person goes in for it regularly, threading helps slow down hair re-growth and makes it finer and sparser after regular treatments.

  • As in the case of waxing and shaving for hair removal, in threading the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatized in the process; it is especially recommended as an option for those who use Retin-A, Accutane and similar products.

  • If the eyebrows are required to be shaped, threading is an excellent choice for achieving that perfect, classic eyebrow shape that everyone wants since it allows the beautician closer access to each hair growth since it is done individually.

  • Benefit of Threading:

    Threading is an ancient art of hair removal and is still used in many countries with as much popularity as before. In the Western world, demand for threading as a hair removal option for facial fuzz is on the rise as this is an excellent technique that results in clean lines, shaping the face well. Threading works well for the majority of people and is comfortable on everyone’s pockets even if done fortnightly. Threading is beneficial for people with sensitive skin as it does not cause breakouts, excessive redness or pigmentation like waxing or shaving can. This makes threading the most effective method of hair removal on the face for everyone especially since waxing hair on the face means damaging the thin, delicate skin on the face, which inevitably leads to wrinkles in the long term.

    Threading is a great method of hair removal for both women and men with excess hair and if done on a regular basis, threading weakens the hair follicle so hair growth becomes less dense over time.

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