Haircut and Hairstyle Tips

Understanding the type of hair you have got and your face cut is very important and based on these two essentials, we have outlined the importance of haircut and hairstyle tips for you.

Importance of a Great Haircut:

The most important part of a great haircut is that it must maintain a healthy head of hair that looks stylish and is easy to maintain while suiting your face cut and lifestyle.

  • Look to the mirror for help! Yes, your mirror is your best friend when it comes to figuring out your features and what kind of a face cut you have: heart-shaped, round, oval, square-jawed or long.

  • Your best haircut is determined by your face and every great hairstyle is dependent on this; therefore, the one that works for you is the hairstyle that will accentuate balance and beauty and be one that you can follow at home on your own.

  • Discuss with your stylist and make your face cut and maintenance of hairstyle an important determination in your new look. Look up as many magazines and hairstyling journals to check the styles suggested for your face type and go accordingly, with guidance from your stylist who can tell you whether you have a head of hair for that particular haircut or not.

  • You can sort the shape of your face by pulling hair back into a tight, structure-revealing ponytail and judging the outline of your face; this includes the size and shape of your forehead as it compares to your cheeks and chin.

  • Deciding the Haircut and Hairstyle

  • Round faces can add a bit of volume to the top of the head to slim down. Avoid spiky and short topside styling to your hair and any haircut that gives width or volumizes the sides of your face.

  • Those with a square jaw line can take the edge off with a softening style that features side parting and longer hair at the nape of neck. A must avoid is a center parting or straight cut hair around the jaw line or even square bangs on the forehead. These geometric lines will only accentuate the strong structure of a square face even more.

  • Oval faces are considered perfect for hairstyling and afford a lot of experimentation to the stylist too. However, much depends on the quality of hair one has: thin, lush, wavy, straight, silky etc. Oval faces look good with a haircut that adds volume to the top of head to slim down the forehead. Such faces would smartly avoid hairstyles that include spikes, short topsides or too much volume on the sides.

  • Long faces can layer it on for fullness on sides. Such faces must avoid short cuts, jaw-length bobs, or styles that add height on top.

  • Heart shaped faces have can opt for bangs and a length that frames the jaw line, while avoiding a short hairstyle at the nape.
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