Make your nails hard

Sometimes fragile nails need more drastic treatment than saline baths. In this case you should use the salutary qualities of herbs. Let’s make vitamin addition for your nails.

Mix the equal amount of grinded herb: Hypericum perforatum L., thyme, camomile and burdock-root. Spill 1 glass of boiling water 2 table-spoons of herbal mixture and stay closed. Put your fingers into warm infusion for some minutes.

Beautiful nails
After herbal bath rub the mixture of vitamins A and E into nails. To make this mixture you should crush some capsules of these vitamins in the small bowl and mix. Try to rub the vitamins in every nail at least for 30 seconds.

Don’t remember to take calcium every morning and in combination with vitamin procedure, described above, your nails will become hard and beautiful.

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