A Perfect Bra

It is highly important to wear a perfect bra because it is concerned with your health, comport levels and style. It is true that getting a perfect bra is not an easy task as shape, sizes, forms and cuts differ wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Here is a guide line on finding and knowing a right bra for you.

Every woman wants a perfect, comfortable and well fitted bra, but no one tries to know “what is a perfect bra?”, as it is reported that 70% to 80% of women wear the wrong-size bra.

An improper bra causes back, neck, chest and shoulder pain. Experts say that it may even cause pensive psychological effects and breast cancer at the later part of a woman’s life.

How you can find a perfect bra for you?

  • Take your own measurement or else seek the help of a bra professional.

  • Decide what type of bra you want whether a normal one or a padded one or a sports one.

  • Take enough time for a good search.

  • Go to a lingerie shop not to a megastore. In a lingerie shop, incase you can’t find a perfect one; you can have a clear discussion with professionals whom you can find in the shop itself. They will take your measurement and within sometime can help you out.

  • After your final selection, try the bras in the trial room and find out which one is the right one for you.

  • Find a bra that matches your skin tone, not with the color of your garments.

  • Never do a mistake of coming out of the lingerie shop after the professional shows you your right size without trying it out.

  • Always buy a quality bra because it is all about your health.

  • How can you know whether the bra you have selected is perfect for you or not?

  • Below are some signs of a wrong bra that will tell you whether you are wearing a perfect bra or not. Have a glance at them and find a perfect bra for you.

  • When you raise your hands above your head, your breasts should not fall out below the band line. This shows your bra’s band size is wrong.

  • If your breasts are bulging out over the cups or coming out of the sides of your bra, then it is not a perfect one for you.

  • If the band size is going up on your back, it shows the size is too big.
    If your breasts are not properly and comfortably fitting into the cups, it shows your cup size is wrong.

  • The center part of your bra that sits between the breasts on the rib cage should sit flat on your rib. If it’s not, then you are wearing a wrong bra.

  • It is normal that a new bra may cause redness for few days but it should not continue. If it happens avoid that bra. Red marks indicate a bad fit.

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