Skin Care - Wrinkles

We all know how unpleasant is to find a new wrinkle on your own face. Fortunately, we can do much to prevent wrinkles and smooth out those ones that have already formed. You can extend your skin youthfulness and prevent wrinkles taking care of number one. Balance your body interests, lead a healthy life and it won’t be a back-breaking problem.

Let’s hammer out the facts of wrinkles causes. There are two kinds of wrinkles as it is. The dynamic wrinkles are in view when the underlying muscle is abbreviating. These can be in evidence in more mature skin, as a general rule. Have you heard about Botox injections for wrinkles? The case in hand is treatment for dynamic wrinkles. The second type of wrinkle is a static wrinkle. These wrinkles are measurable even when the facial muscles aren't abbreviating. Static wrinkles originate in consequence of collagen and elastin level recession. When these components decline, the skin is incapable to snap back as hitherto. This causes the static wrinkle.
As we age, our skin loses ability to regenerate, in the wake of aging, gradual thinning of the surface of the skin arises. The thin skin architecture decrease ability to absorb important nutrients.

By the way the collagen and elastin level recession have influence with wrinkling transition. Some collagen and elastin are unavoidable lost little by little due to the natural aging process. Take heed! The majority of elastin is lost under the influence of sun and by UV radiation. So you can realize the use of good sun protection is essential.

The plain truth is that any woman should prevent wrinkles the sooner the better. Dry skin is uncommon in the twenties and there is usually no need to moisturize frequently. But keep in mind your skin's oil arrearage are not unlimited, avoid too much pilling. It is also best to avoid alcohol-based toners and other drying agents at this age.

A proper diet program should be used after 30, of course you can indulge, but your general diet should be healthy. Healthy food for a woman of thirty includes a lot of antioxidants to promote collagen and elasticity production and firmness in aging skin.

Do you know that tomatoes are suggested as an excellent wrinkle prevention food because they contain lycopene? Red peppers contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E, as well as bioflavonoids, which have skin rejuvenating effect. Beets and carrots (and other red and dark orange vegetables) are also healthy foods to prevent wrinkles. Welcome news is that an adorable summer berry – strawberry is the best means for wrinkle care; eat it in any quantity, use as a component of skin masks.

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