Natural Tips For fighting Body Odor

Body odor is a term known to every one. It’s basically the sweat that our body produces to regulate its temperature. Sweat, essentially odorless, can become rather pungent once exposed to bacteria. Therefore we experience that bad unpleasant smell of the sweat. Body odor is often a result of improperly eliminated toxic waste. Although everyone has a slight body odor, it can sometimes become offensive. Unfamiliar body odors can cause self-consciousness.

Causes of Body Odor:

There are various causes which trigger unpleasant body odor. It’s often due to

  • Poor hygiene or excessive sweating, when perspiration remains on the body long enough for bacteria to breed.
  • It is also related to nervousness, anxiety and stress, since poor internal health causes odor. Problems detoxifying via the kidneys, liver or bowels will increase body odor, as more toxins remain in the body and must be eliminated through the skin.
  • A sluggish liver and constipation are common problems today.
  • Strong-smelling food spices, like garlic and curry, are emitted through the pores of the skin causing strong body odor.
  • The smell of cigarettes and alcohol remains in the body and on the clothes for many hours.

  • Useful Suggestions to Help Prevent Body Odor:

  • Shower daily, especially after exercise or strenuous physical work. Moderate exposure to sun helps kill bacteria and gives the body a healthy, pleasant smell.
  • Use natural deodorants which inhibit bacterial growth but do not prevent you from sweating. Antiperspirants are not recommended because they restrict sweating, which is a valuable means to regulate heat, water and minerals, and to eliminate toxins. Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, can be powdered all over to help eliminate odor without causing skin irritations
  • Change underwear daily. Wear loose, natural-fiber clothing such as cotton, wool, linen or silk.

  • Natural Treatments for Preventing Body Odor:

    Nutritional Supplements

    A number of nutrients help to improve metabolism, the first step in the removal of waste. The B vitamins are especially important. Ensure that the B complex you choose contains all the B vitamins. Otherwise, supplement them separately. Zinc reduces strong body odor. Chlorophyll tablets or the chlorophyll in many green food supplements also help reduce body odor by supporting the liver and detoxifying the body.

    Daily Dosages:

  • Vitamin B complex, 50 mg one to three times daily
  • Chlorophyll, chlorella or other green food supplements, 1 tbsp.
  • Zinc, 30 mg, with 3 mg copper

  • Herbal Remedies

    In addition to maintaining proper nutrition and hygiene, herbs can help eliminate the sources of body odor.

  • Essential oils of thyme and lavender kill bacteria. Add 5 drops of each to bath water or shower gel.
  • Mix 5 drops lavender oil with 2 cups distilled water. Keep in a glass bottle and dab onto areas of the body that perspire easily.
  • A cleansing juice fast of bitter herbs such as dandelion, endive or angelica, along with enemas of fenugreek seed infusion are advisable for cleansing the intestinal tract. Take 1 tbsp. of herbal juice daily.

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