How to Color Your Hair Well?

Understanding the concept of hair color

Many persons fall prey to unwanted hair color disasters due to the lack of understanding of the basic hair coloring laws of color and how to apply these to their hair color and type. The foremost law is that hair color is not the same as hair paint, but actually the reflection of light off the colored pigments in the hair shaft. Whatever the shade of color reflected off the light may be, it is determined by the nature of light falling on it. Therefore, hair color appears different under fluorescent lights as opposed to when seen in natural sunlight, be it natural hair color remedy or a bottle solution.

Hair Color Levels: tips and guidelines

There are several levels in the realm of professional hair color and these determine how they will impact your hair color, depending on the degree of lightness or darkness of color reflected or perceived by the eye.

  • Manufacturers of hair color number these levels of hair color between 1 to 10, with 1 being black and 10 assigned to the lightest blonde shade available. So, we understand that black reflects very little light and lightest blonde reflects the greatest amount of light.

  • By this reasoning of hair color rules, a level 10 blonde would be two shades lighter than a level 8 blonde. This system of hair color levels applies to all colors and almost all brands commonly found in the market today.

  • Different Kinds of Hair Color

    There are different types of hair color. These can be roughly categorized into:

    Permanent Hair Color- makes a permanent change in the pigment of the hair shaft and does not wash out for a long time, but may eventually fade out with time. It is not easy to remove or restore the hair’s natural color as all hair colored this way has the natural color pigments irreversibly chemically altered.

    Single Process Color- is the kind even amateurs can try a hand at and is the only safe home coloring kit recommended by hair experts for initial trial use for permanent color achievement. This process requires the color to be lifted and deposited in one step.

    Semi-Permanent Color- works to cover the gray in your hair and make it grow darker; however, it cannot lighten hair. This kind of hair color can last for varying lengths of time depending the product chosen and is available in home use kits.

    Deposit Only Color- is a user-friendly type of hair color option that colors hair in one step. It is a popular choice that allows the home-hair-color-kit user to experiment with glazing or achieving a translucent hair color by using very low 3 percent peroxide to activate the color, lightening one level.

    Use a swatch book or ring to compare your hair color to reach at the best levels and tones in natural light possible for your hair. Ask your salon specialist for shades and products that will suit your hair type and complexion best.

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