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Most women think that it’s okay not to look into the future in far as is concerned health and beauty, but it’s not. Some of us think: “Give and spend, and God will send”. This philosophy is not good for everything. Till you are young and beautiful you don’t take thought for the morrow. But be sure it’s not easy to look in a mirror with sad hair and dry, wrinkled skin. Negative emotions increase the risk of depression. The best way to avoid this negativity is to preserve your health and beauty now. Save your skin now, before it’s too late!

The main features in beauty are hair, nail, skin, teeth, lips etc. Beauty can better be specified as a major exercise of a positive expression in an own existence. Beauty is not just an appearance, but a complete person who possesses an ample knowledge about happiness, self-control, politeness and positiveness, a person who sees beautiful things and lives up to the hilt. So beauty is the attraction of a person not only by outside but also by inside aspects. As you can see, health and beauty have both physical and inner psychological parts.

Everyone wants to be more beautiful and handsome. The fair, healthy and beautiful skin makes a person attractive. General recommendations for skin come to the statement “your skin condition is a mirror for the whole organism condition”. A healthy positive woman has a healthy good-looking skin. But there are some well known skin problems. They all can cause serious problems hereafter at thirty or forty, so it is easier to prevent them. Think hard about your health and beauty right now.

Acne is usually caused by outbreaks of lesions which call pimples. Skin’s oil and infection are the main causing factor for acne so the first rule is cleaning and peel-off clarifying. Sometime acne can lead to permanent scarring and mutilating.

Dryness: Another skin problem is skin dryness. With the increase of years skin becomes dry and wrinkled. You should use damper to avoid dryness. Don’t forget to drink enough of water. Water is one of the most important partials for beautiful skin. Keep in mind you need 40 ml\1kg of water per day. A well hydrated skin looks young and healthy. Some appropriate ointments, lotions and creams should be used for dry skin.

Skin diseases: Such skin problems as atopic dermatitis, eczema, exudative diathesis create serious, even insoluble problems. They can turn into chronic form. If your have reddened skin with spots and feel skin itch, please consults to your doctor immediately.

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