Yellow Nails

Yellow nails – Cause of yellow fingernails & how to get rid of yellow finger nail?

If you are troubled with yellow nails, there are some things you can start with almost at once. The first thing to get rid of yellow finger nails is to stop wearing nail polish completely. One of the primary causes of yellow fingernails is constantly wearing nail enamel. This does not allow your nails to breathe clean and fresh air. You will have to start thinking in these terms and along these lines if you are going to be taking care of your nails. Once you have left your nails bare, you can start with a cleansing routine for them. Keep a toothbrush which you use only for the purpose of cleaning your nails. Dip this in a diluted mix of hydrogen peroxide and use to scrub your nails. You can scrub for maybe a minute or more. You really need to do only this much for excellent results and get rid of yellow nails. Once you have finished cleaning your nails, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. After this, massage your hands, paying special attention to your nails, with any cream or lotion that is specifically formulated for dry skin. This is all that is required to work on your nails as well. You do not need to use anything that is specifically formulated for dry or over exposed nails. You can also use olive oil at this point. Make this a weekly routine, and a matter of lifestyle. Do not think that doing it once will help you to take care of the problem in the long run – it will not.

You can also begin using lime juice to clean your nails every morning. This will also help to lighten the yellow tinge that has appeared on the nails. Make it a point to keep your nails covered with any light oil or cream at all times. You would need to do this for few days at least to get rid of yellow fingernails. Once your nails have cleaned up and are looking well maintained and much better, you can stop keeping the oil or cream on at all times. You also need to ensure that your nails are trimmed and kept short. This would also add to the general good health of your nails. Long nails have a tendency to become brittle over time. Make sure you do not expose your nails to too much water. If you must keep your hands in water for long times, make it a rigid rule to always wear gloves and work.

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