How to Shampoo Your Hair Effectively?

Hair care and healthy growth of those tresses begins with simple steps like beginning right and keeping to it on a daily basis. This includes right way of shampooing hair with the products meant for your particular hair-type and conditioning and nourishing it so it looks glossy and healthy-and remains that way too.

Importance of Shampooing Hair

For thousands of years, our hair has been the indicator of our health and any changes in our vitality has reflected on our hair, which is why it has been stressed that our tresses need adequate and timely first-aid before they lose this important part of their basic structure. Of course, a lush, luxurious mane is greatly influenced by genetics and healthy diet but it is as important to choose the right products, be aware of the right way to wash hair and how best to nourish it so it remains at its healthiest best always.

Tips For Right Shampooing

The way you shampoo your hair is responsible largely for how it turns out when you style it. The right products and method of shampooing hair can help bring it texture and life so that your hair reflects your beauty and inner health. It is a myth that has fast been broken that washing hair daily washes away essential oils and makes them under-nourished or results in hair loss. This is in no way true as we wash off the daily grime and like the feel of cool, refreshed bodies after a daily shower, the same applies to shampooing hair.

Hair care experts agree that keeping your hair clean is very important and the right way to clean it-not over-clean- is as important too!

  • Shampoo is essentially soap meant for the hair and since hair is actually dead protein, it is necessary to keep it clean. Shampoo works with water droplets and lather to get between your hair and the dirt flakes and lift up grime particles so they can be easily washed away.

  • A follow up with a conditioner helps hair look good as it moistens, smoothens and nourishes the outer cuticle layer of your hair so it appears smoother and silkier.

  • Persons with dry hair should avoid a clarifying shampoo, as it will strip their hair of essential moisture. Instead, a deep penetrating protein rich shampoo with large quantities of herbal extracts will help soothe frizzy and brittle fried hair, especially if enriched with oils such as jojoba oil and emu oil.

  • Persons with oily hair can opt for shampoos containing herbal extracts like thyme and sage to help control oil on the scalp and even the skin. These extracts help to purify the scalp.

  • Normal hair types can benefit from shampooing hair with products that contains aloe, glycerin, honey, amino acids or natural oils for moisturizing.

  • A great conditioner for using after shampooing hair can be made at home by adding six drops of lavender, bay and sandalwood essential oils to 6 ounces of soy oil.

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    1. I have hair fall problem which started recently. a friend suggested me to use change the shampoo. which shampoo would you suggest to stop the problem? Why is it important to change the shampoo very often?


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