Beautiful Eyebrows

Eyebrows not only outline our eyes, but also adds beauty. Beautiful perfectly shaped eyebrows have been a dream for each one of us. However, very few are privileged enough to have one, naturally. Make –up tricks can enable each one of us to be the proud possessors of shaped eyebrows. All you need to do is spend some time for your eyebrows regularly. Here are few make up tips to increase the beauty of your eyebrows.

If you have very thin eyebrows, while putting on make up, apply black colored mascara .Brush your eyebrows in upward direction, this will separate out each strand.

Few among us have eyebrows, which is thin at the start and at the end, but thick in between. This gives your eyebrows a short look. Use dark brown colored eyebrow pencil to darken these areas. This will improve its look.

If you have really thick eyebrows, don’t even dare to touch the eyebrow pencil or mascara. It will only worsen its look. Get them shaped well, at the parlor. You could brush them softly using a baby brush with some hair spray on it.

If you have a small face, and thick dark eyebrows, it will look awful on your face. Apply some foundation cream on it, using a sponge or your finger tips. This will give a faded look, and help in enhancing the facial features.

To have short eyebrows, try applying some foundation cream, at its start, and its end.

Joint eyebrows do not look good on everyone. Threading will help to separate the eyebrows.

Some home remedies to augment the beauty of your eyebrows:

If you have thin eyebrows, apply a mixture of castor oil and milk skin on it, every night.

If you have dandruff problems, it may affect your eyebrows too. It can lead to hair fall of the eyebrows. To avoid the same, apply coconut oil on your eyebrows, regularly before going to bath.

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