Beauty Tips for Younger Look

Aging can be hard on anyone, not just women. However, it’s them who always have to come up with ingenious ways of slowing down the passing of time or, if not possible, to make its marks less obvious for others. If plastic surgery is not an option, and neither are expensive spa treatments, there are a few things, simple things we can all do to take the years off our appearance.

For starters, hair is everything for a woman’s face. A bad ‘do can ruin even the prettiest of faces, not to mention the damage it can do to a middle-aged one. So, thicker bangs are in order in the latter case, to hide the wrinkles on the forehead and create the impression of a more youthful countenance, as it will no longer make the wearer look haggard on early mornings. However, a stylist must be consulted first before getting bangs, because they might not go with a certain type of face shape, so it’s best to play it safe.

When it comes to makeup, aging women must pay the utmost attention, stylists say. Dark shades of lipstick are no longer to be used, since they accentuate not only the lips, and whatever wrinkles are around it, but also the skin of the face, which can come off parchment white. Instead, stylists say we should use sweeter, more natural tones like peach, pearl, coral and other pinks. At night, a lipsalve is a must, useless to say if we don’t want our lips to give our age away.

The same amount of attention has to be paid to the eyebrows. This is the time to accentuate them as much as possible, so as to attract the attention to the area above the eyes and not that below them, where the wrinkles are. Stylists advise us to have the eyebrows professionally plucked, the only thing we still have to do afterwards being to make sure we keep them neat. For more contrast, we can use an eyebrow pencil the same shade as our natural color.

Speaking of coloring, stylists also advise us to get highlights. After a certain age, women come to the realization that not all shades work as they once did for their countenances. So, instead of choosing bold and strong colors like blue black or violet, which only accentuate the imperfections of the face, it’s best to keep it natural with neutral, soft shades with highlights.

One last thing we must bear in mind if we’re trying to avoid looking our age is to get our teeth professionally whitened. Forget about magical toothpastes and solutions that promise the world and deliver nothing, stylists advise us: the best way to get this done is to go to a specialist, who will make sure our smile will positively light up the room. And, since a pretty smile does make a pretty face, stylists also tell us to never forget to do so. Come to think of it, no one likes a woman who can’t but frown and sulk all the time, not to mention that smiling is known to efficiently fight wrinkles.

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