Skin Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a technique that is literally used to resurface your skin, usually for the face. It is done by removing the top few layers of skin to bring out the healthier newer skin underneath. This also causes a reaction in your skin that makes it work to produce more skin cells and thicken the layers of your skin. This in turn smoothes your skin and gives it a younger, healthier look.

People who are looking into laser skin resurfacing are usually looking for a combination of several things. These things generally add up to a more youthful look for everyone and include a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, tightened and smoother eyelid skin, a reduction in crow’s feet around the eyes, the ability to soften pucker marks as well as frown lines, even out the skin colors including splotches and brown spots, and it can also improve and flatten scars, repair smoker lines, and make an improvement to your overall skin tone and texture.

The word laser actually means light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. The lasers used during your laser resurfacing will work to remove the uppermost layers of your skin. These are generally the layers that make all of your wrinkles, scars, and acne all worse than they actually have to be. When these layers are removed then these skin issues, along with most that you may have, become less noticeable and as your skin kicks into overdrive to heal, some of the skin conditions heal faster and more thoroughly as well. Things like scars become less noticeable because they flatten out and become softer while blending in with your skin one better. The use of sunscreen before and after the procedure can keep the UV rays from farther damaging skin cells and making your scars more pronounced.

Lasers have the unique ability to produce a single wavelength, or color, of light. As these lasers become more advanced it becomes easier to make the procedure more precise and selective. These are so advanced now that safety levels during the treatment are available today that people could only dreamed of in the past.

The person who performs your laser resurfacing will use a hand piece that looks like a wand. This hand piece causes the old and undesirable skin cells to literally vanish, practically in a puff of mist, to help get rid of those undesirable traits that you may be suffering from.

When you go for a laser resurfacing you should look carefully before you choose who will perform your treatment. Generally the people who work with the lasers for laser resurfacing are called dermasurgeons. They are trained professionals who work to help you obtain healthier skin. You will want to find one who has already demonstrated that they have laser expertise and not one who is just starting out. See if they will allow you to talk with a previous patient and find out if they have been rated by patients or other professionals.

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