The Effects of the Microdermabrasion System

The microdermabrasion system is a system that is used to rejuvenate your skin for a healthier and smoother look. The oil on your skin decreases and dilated pores become less visible, and even a few of the fine wrinkles begin to smooth out. All of this contributes to the younger looking skin that people work so hard to get.

The Microdermabrasion system works because it causes a little trauma to the skin, which causes your skin to work harder to heal your skin, and as the skin heals it does so in a more organized manner than your usual haphazard organization people normally have. This is what causes you skin to appear to be younger than before using the microdermabrasion system.

The microdermabrasion can cause several different changes to the epidermis. These changes are seen before there are any changes to the dermis are noticeable. These changes often make the epidermis layer look healthier. First, the thickness is increase because of the new cells that are quickly being reproduced faster and in larger cells. Second of all, the cells in the lower epidermis are knitted more closely together in a basket weave that is much more consistent than the usual haphazard arrangement that people usually have. Usually using the microdermabrasion system will make skin unusually dry for the fist 24 hours.

The Effects of the Microdermabrasion SystemOther effects occur on the dermis. This layer has the most dramatic changes for the better. After a series of treatments, the dermal layer also gets a bit thicker. Along with the increase in thickness, collagen fibers become thicker and increase in number. They are packed tighter and organized more consistently. The numbers of elastic fibers also increase, and their orientation changes to vertical instead of horizontal causing more of a spring to the dermis. The fibroblasts cells also increase in number and size. These are the cells that make up the collagen. A number of chemicals that are part of the inflammatory process prove that the inflammatory process is working to repair damages. Blood vessels undergo changes to increase blood flow to the dermis to help your skin to repair damages.

When undergoing the microdermabrasion system, it is best to undergo either 6 or 7 treatments that will all aid in the above. These treatments should be under gone either every 7 days or every 10 days. Usually you will be able to see a number of changes even after the first treatment. These include smoother and healthier skin than what you currently have. After you have undergone several treatments the oil your skin produces decreases and after all of the treatments are completed you will notice that your most dilated pores will decrease in appearance, thicker areas of skin are thinned out, and finally, fine wrinkles that have plagued you may start to disappear.

To achieve all of this, a machine sprays fine crystals over your face to remove your top layer of skin. After this, the loose skin and crystals are vacuumed off. The above has been proven to occur when undergoing these treatments.

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