Care of lovely long legs

No doubt in India, the legs are often neglected because they are hidden under their pleats of a saree or behind the flair of a salwar or a pair of jeans. But when one wants to have a great body and become a beautiful woman- or for that matter a strong and powerful man- this neglected of the legs, which are the veritable vehicle of our body, is unpardonable.

Swimming or brisk walking are top experiences for youthful, long legs. A sedentary life causes the tiny veins around the ankles or the calves to swell up and make ugly blue makes of varicose veins on and otherwise smooth skin. Lake of exercise for legs makes the blood circulate poorly in these earth-bound limbs and blood flowing downward tends to get trapped in the veins. Only an energetic use of the legs ­dancing, jogging, doing aerobics or swimming balances the speedy circulation of blood and keeps legs well-toned in muscle and skin.

Yet another problem -which more women than men suffer from- is retention of fluid and the resultant swelling of calves or ankles. This happens particularly in pregnancy or when the kidney function is not perfect. Pre­menstrual tension syndromes also cause water retention in the body. All these problems can be controlled by a balanced diet, a correct weight and regular exercise. Ramma Bans, the fitness expert who trained Lymaraina D'Souza and other beauty queens for years, gives useful beauty tips for maintaining beautiful legs and making them a proud asset for a woman. Follow the simple beauty tips to keep your skin beautiful smooth:-

1. Legs should be maintained with great fastidiousness. Dry skin, flaky surfaces and unwanted hair make them look unkempt and untidy. Every night, legs should be given a rub of a good skin cream. Once a fortnight or month - depending on hair growth - legs should be 'cleaned' by waxing off the hair or using any suitable depilatory process.

2. Tired feet should be often soaked in warm salty water and given a good scrub to remove hardened, dry skin on the ankles or between toes. Toe nails should be clean, well filed and not discolored. A good shade of nail-polish helps to accentuate the beauty of feet. A professional pedicure - which many consider a waste of money - is a must for feet beauty. Silver payals or toe rings are often worn in India to enhance the beauty of feet.

3. A brisk walk a day keeps the circulation going well and makes leg-stamina better and better. Some young people, including women, use small weights on the shoes to create an athletic look for the legs. While muscular, sports-oriented legs were made fashionable by supermodel Sushmita Sain, all women need not follow the same method.

4. Shoes must always be comfortable. High heeled shoes stilettos, walking or jogging shoes must be bought with comfort and activity in mind. On special occasions, when wearing a short skirt or during cold weather, sheer stockings may protect legs and lend them a glamorous look.

Legs should be washed and scrubbed well without using very hot or very cold water. If you enjoy soaking your body in a pool of water, be sure not to lie in a tub of very cold or very hot water.

5. III fitting trousers, jeans or shoes harm legs. All clothes worn below the waist, including a belt, must be comfortable and supportive of activity.

6. Exposure to the sun must be controlled. Though tanning is fit popular in India, there is an increasing amount of beachside or poolside life of leisure. So a good anti-tan lotion, or cream or oil massage after a dose of sunlight is good.

7. Avoid bruises, ligament lesions, minor or major fractures and other kinds injuries by being careful while climbing stairs, bending, jogging a getting in and out of vehicles. The more the use of technology used in a home and in public life, the more hazards there are for the who are careless or falsely valiant.

8. Eat plenty of fresh salads, vegetables and fruits. These give energy and avoid cracked skins. If you have a water-retention problem, eat less salt.

9. Massage tired legs with a soft-textured, non greasy oil gently, in upwards movements. Keep legs looking great always by keeping your posture straight and correct. Then alone will your legs remain your most useful limbs and give you self reliance for all your life

Some of us are lucky enough to be born with a smooth and beautiful skin, but others can follow the above simple beauty tips to achieve a good skin and maintaining beautiful legs and making them a proud asset for a woman.

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