From Your Favorite Aroma to Aromatherapy

Smells play very important role in our life. Our sense of smell is quite sensitive to give us many emotions coming from aromas. Sometimes smells are closely connected with certain events. Our brain responds to smell and causes our pleasant or unpleasant associations and memories that will not easily be erased, even we don’t remember about them in our everyday life. As a rule, this reaction is spontaneous. Even after many years the mother’s smell, causes feelings of the childhood. It is assignable to several causes, the primary statement is that being kids, we learnt world around in virtue of all sense organs. The other example: we usually can’t even smell the food we’ve poisoned any when.

This property is crucial in using smell therapy. There is a special term – aromatherapy. The aromatherapy is a treatment with use of various smells - aromas. These aromas, are given by essences, made from flowers, trees, bushes and herbs. Essences enjoy wide application in some bariatrics.

Aromas are also closely connected with human’s emotional condition; we owe our cheer and thoughtway to particular aromas much more frequently, than we can notice it.

Undoubtedly you have your favorite aromas: white lilac; bergamot; cherry; green-floral fragrance; green leaves fragrance; cinnamon and so on. They all influence you. Why not try to make this effect directional? In addition the aromatherapy may be defined as a treatment for some diseases. It is also an intense bacteria and viruses remedy. The aromatherapy strengthens natural forces of and helps to make our life more healthy and happy.

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