Healthy Food for The Beauty

Apart from the external factor influences for maintaining healthy skin, eat a healthy diet can play a vital role in how the skin appears. Just as you must watch over you eat to take care of your body, you also must watch what foods to take care of your skin.

Here are healthy foods which contain vitamins and omega-3 fatty acid to defend internal body immune system to enhance the ability of skin to produce new cells growth and support skin cells turnover:

1. Vitamin E protects red blood cells and prevents destruction of vitamin A and C. Vitamin E is a naturally powerful and one of the best antioxidants that help protect the skin against damaging environmental elements, such as the sun, pollution and cigarette smoke. Helps to neutralize free radicals which are destructive molecules that attack cells and harm the skin. Vitamin E keeps balance of skin moisture and will leave your skin smooth and soft.

Vitamin E is found in green leafy vegetables, wheat, nuts, margarine, corn, soybean.

2. Vitamin A, commonly known as the "skin vitamin", is needed to support skin cells turnover and helps generate healthy new skin cells and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin A is found in spinach, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, cheese, milk, eggs.

3. Vitamin C helps for the formation of collagen and produce of protein fibers to support skin structures, as well as keeps resistance to infection. Vitamin C works in the lipid soluble and water soluble layers of the skin. Vitamin C as a vital anti-aging ingredient, help reverse visible signs of aging.

Vitamin C is found in orange, pineapples, cabbage, lemon, grapefruit, strawberries, limes, green and red papers, collard green, cauliflower.

4. Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting and synthesis of proteins. Helps fade away dark circles, blotches and uneven skin tones under eyes. Dark circles under your eyes make you look and feel older, tired and depressed.

Vitamin K is found in cabbage, cereals, lettuce, spinach, kale, eggs, meets.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acid is needed to build and repair skin cells and to make enzymes and hormones that have it glowing.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid is found in avocados, salmon, walnuts, tuna, mackerel, fish oil, canola oil.

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