Lemon and Skin Beauty

Lemon and Skin Beauty

Or what else you need. There are so many natural tips to give you. These natural ingredients can give you different results with different combinations. But all depends on the type of skin and the ingredients. One specific tip may not give the same result in all skin types. Here you have to be patient to find out your suitable homemade tips with your convenient natural herbal ingredient.

Lemon and Skin Beauty
Here today I am giving you the importance of fresh lemon. Lemon can be used for different purposes even for bleaching skin and hair. But if lemon used properly it can enhance your facial beauty. Here is a simple method to make your skin shining and give extra glamor.

Lemon Juice Skin Beauty

To achieve fairness to skin by using lemon we need fresh lemon juice, cucumber juice and olive oil.

Lemon juice-1tsp
Cucumber juice-2tsp
Olive oil-2tsp

This recipe you can use on face, neck, hands or all over body. Accordingly add more ingredients keeping the proportion.

Give a mild body wash and apply this on skin. Give light rubbing for 5-10 min. Then you can take a bath as usual. If you like use coconut oil instead of olive oil or any other oils you like. Oil keeps the skin moisturized. Cucumber helps skin be supple. Lemon gives extra shine. Together with lemon adds fairness and extra beauty to your skin naturally.

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