Carrot in Beauty Care

Carrot has got multi level benefits for our body. In my experience carrot has got a high level result in our skin. So it is wise to use carrot in beauty care. We are doing so many things to enhance our skin beauty. Just add carrot in your beauty regimen and see the wonderful effect of carrot. We can use carrot in our skin as pack, drink as juice, eat raw carrot, make salad and eat, use it as pickle, make carrot jam etc. What we do with carrot it will be highly beneficial to our body and at the same time it will give an instant beauty or glow to our skin.

Carrot in Beauty Care

If we use carrot it will give a special glow and a smooth texture to our skin. If we apply carrot as face pack it will remove acne, spots and marks. You know applying carrot pack on hair will improve hair texture, health and growth.

Carrot salad

Cut carrot into small rectangular pieces and put in saline water for few weeks. If you like add green chilly also. This you can use as salad while eating food.

Green salad

When you make green salad add carrot pieces also together with other items. It is beneficial to your body.

Face pack

Make a face pack of carrot in a mixer/grinder and apply this as face pack. Leave it for 20 min. and wash it off with cold water.

Face glow pack

Make a paste of carrot, milk powder and sugar and apply on face. This will increase the face glow. Apply once in a week minimum.

Pigmentation pack

Carrot, oats powder, sugar and turmeric powder is so beneficial for pigmentation.

Oily skin

Carrot, orange juice and sugar-make paste and apply. It is so good to avoid oily nature of skin.


Mix grated carrot, sugar powder and salt. Apply this on face for 20 min.Then massage face in circular motion. It will remove whiteheads and blackheads very naturally and mildly.

Makeup enhancer

Before applying makeup apply a pack of carrot and orange and do a circular massage. Wash it off with cold water after 20 min. Then apply make makeup. This will enhance the makeup effect.

Dark skin on elbow

Mix carrot, sugar and salt. Apply some oil on the elbow and then rub the elbow area with this regularly. This will remove the dark spots on elbow.

Dark skin around neck

Carrot, lemon juice and sugar powder. Mix well. Apply oil on the neck and do a massage with above carrot mix.

Above all the tips in my experience drinking a glass of carrot juice will shift away all your skin problems. Apply pack and drinking carrot juice- it is so important- carrot in beauty care.

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