Apply Makeup - In Seven Minutes Or Less

You may not have 20 or 30 minutes to apply makeup because honestly, that is time you can use to accomplish another important task. I'm not going to encourage you to apply makeup while driving because that is so unnecessary and dangerous. You never want to put yourself or someone else in danger for vanity's sake. What I will do is tell you how to apply your makeup in 7 minutes or less, and the steps are pretty simple. This will give you the opportunity to leave home with a professional look without spending extra time in front of the mirror.

Applying Makeup
First, start with moisturizing your face. Make sure you have even distribution, and thoroughly massage the product into your skin. Always moisturize your skin before applying makeup to achieve a more natural result. A moisturizer containing SPF15 or greater is always best to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Next, apply foundation to your face. If you are using liquid foundation, place a pea-size amount of foundation to your cheeks, chin and forehead. Be sure to apply makeup to your nose also and blend outwards towards the cheeks. Use the same approach with a stick foundation and cream-to-powder foundation, but this time you dab the product onto your skin and blend in evenly. Dab concealer onto dark eye circles or problem areas, and blend out the edges. If your dark circles have a green tint, opt for a concealer that is salmon-colored to neutralize the darkness underneath your eyes.

Using your favorite sheer powder and powder brush, you are going to set the foundation by using light sweeping strokes to dust on the powder. Don't forget to cover the concealer to disguise it, and make sure your nose is covered thoroughly as well. Brush away any excess that may be left on your face. Next, you are going to fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil or brow powder that matches your natural hair color. If you are using a brow pencil, light feathery strokes should be used to fill in any gaps you may have. If you prefer to use a brow powder, you may find that an angle brush is the easiest brush to apply it with. Again, use light feathery strokes when filling in gaps and defining the shape.

Let's rosey up those cheeks by dusting some blush onto those cheekbones. Make sure you blend in circular motion up towards the hairline to create a natural finish. Next, apply your favorite eyeshadow and blend with a blending brush. When blending, make sure you use the windshield-wiper technique by moving the blending brush back and forth along the crease of the eye -- this creates a much softer look. After that you can proceed with lining your eyes with an eyeliner pencil, and applying mascara to both the upper and lower lashes. Lastly, apply your favorite color lipstick or lip gloss to top of the look and put your best face forward!

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