Johansson – All Her Beauty Secrets

Scarlett Johansson came on the big screen with a child-like innocence and the soft features and glowy skin to match. Today she is a modern bombshell who is anything but childish. Her newest movie is about to release in theaters and her character captures what she does best – innocence mixed with wild abandon and sex appeal. Her day-to-day personality is a low-key version of her star qualities and a love for the simple things that make her feel beautiful and carefree.

You’ll see Scarlett out and about in comfortable tees and hats, low pony tails and very little if any makeup. Her porcelain-perfect skin makes this look easy to wear whether she’s running errands or walking a red carpet. The secret to skin like hers – moisture. Dry skin will never glow or absorb any concealer. It will only leave you looking cakey. Allow moisturizer to soak into your skin for a full five minutes before applying any base or concealer. Then use a pink blush and bronzer mix to color the apples of your cheeks.

One of Scarlett’s trademark features are her bee-sting lips that pout like no others. If you weren’t blessed with a kisser like hers, you can still achieve full lips with plumping glosses and serums and strategic liner application. Line your lips first in the V of your upper lip, then draw in the liner from the outer corner to the center. Applying liner from the corner up will create a fuller top lip. The opposite is true for the bottom, line from the center to the corner for the fullest look. Stick to rose or natural and nude shades topped with a thin gloss to realize the perfect pout.

Scarlett’s eyes look amazing in shades of orange – not many can pull off those tones without looking like your eyes are sore and tired. If orange is not your color, stick to deep chocolates and taupes and blend dark gold with shimmer. It’s the gold tones that make her signature oranges pop. You can accomplish the same effect with browns and gold.

Scarlett is never afraid to use black eyeliner and mascara. Her liquid liner is normally thick and rims her eyes perfectly. You can always wash it off, so give it a try. To get Scarlett’s look, line the entire eye with black liner that extends past the outer corners. This keeps your eyes from looking closed. Lengthening mascara also helps to open up dark eyes. Although she is famous for her pout, Scarlett knows not to over-do the rest of her makeup when wearing dark liner and mascara. Your lips will attract attention without the use of overwhelming colors that can leave you looking like you’re wearing stage makeup.

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